Brick Lane, Piccadilly and Covent Garden

Hello everyone! I am now officially a London resident. I live in Hoxton, which is really up and coming and full of trendy, fashionable places. I have two lovely flatmates Sasha and Leah, and I am really happy and homely here. I will do a room tour when I have totally sorted everything, but I now have two weeks until I start school!
Okay, so today Sasha and I went to loads of different places around London, especially around our area. I went to Brick Lane, explored Hoxton, Piccadilly and Covent Garden. These are al within a few tube stops, so it's all rather local. Photos!
Brick Lane

Covent Garden
I also picked up some lovely things. The boots were from a vintage store in Brick Lane called Landem, and were very cheap. The heart tag is from a shop in Leciester Square called Sass and Belle and was 95p. I will use this to let my housemates know I am out for the day.
And this is what I wore.. Banana Republic tee, Topshop waistcoat, Primark shorts, Falke tights, vintage shoes. The photo looks odd, but I had to cut my face off because I looked stupid
Sorry this is very long, but I am trying to keep you guys updated on the goings on! Sasha and I are thinking of starting a street style blog. We had our photos taken today, but we're not sure for which website. What do you guys think?
Fashion Foreword


those boots are hot!! i want those

love the denim with stickuings...and the heels are hot

lol at the guy playing the traffic cone!!

Ohhhh i miss london so much!! I bought lots of stuff from the brick lane markets, so many young talented people there! :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments! There will be hundreds of posts about life here! So keep your eyes peeled.
The cone man was hilarious! He wasn't even asking for money, just happy playing a traffic cone!

I am so jealous of your life right now! I love London!

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