Fashion Foreword's Top 5 Fashion Fixes

Hello my lovely readers! Today's post is a video about fixing those fashion mishaps! From ladders in your tights (that is SO annoying), to overrun nail polish! Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips to share then comment below! We are getting closer to that 50 followers target, so keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway!

Fashion Foreword


Great video. I'm totally trying the hairspray tip tomorrow, because I plan to wear a skirt to school.


love it :) i subscribed to your youtube too aha <3

Great video -- thanks for the tips!

Love it...great tips

Thank you so much for the comment (well, reply) and in reply, I've looked a little into CSM, but not yet into yours... I will soon!
Awesome tips, I'm not sure how many I'll use, but either way!!! And you're really pretty, but not at all high and mighty seeming... ^^ Sorry if that sounds insulting :S

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