Coco Rocha Inspired: Breton Stripes

I am totally in love with Coco Rocha. Now that's one hell of an opening isn't it. I follow her blog oh-so-coco.blogspot.com so I hope she doesn't think I'm a weirdo stalker now! ANYWAY- rambling!
After reading the Elle shoot with Coco Rocha modeling the 25 most iconic pieces of all time, I was totally inspired to try a new range of outfits. I am not following trends, seasons or anything like that, just using classic pieces to create an amazing outfit. Today's outfit was playing with the Breton Top. 

Tee from COS
Jeans from New Look
Brogues from Topshop
This is an awful photo. I have no idea what was going on with me camera. I felt like showing off too, so I rolled the tee up so you could see my tattoo. I look like a sailor. I also did a make-up look inspired by the shoot. It was relatively similar to my normal look, however I used three eyeshadows and used mascara on my bottom lashes.
Again an awful photo, what the hell is with this camera today! So what do you guys think. Your comments have been so lovely lately. Shocking as it seems, I have some real self esteem issues about my apperance, so your comments are exceptionally lifting and I am so grateful to them. I never expect them, so each one is a lovely surprise. Should I bring the giveaway forward...nahh. Okay a teaser- the giveaway will be beauty related and the winner will be getting 5 items! 
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i like the top it looks very versatile, perfect for almost anything. and im the same way i have low self esteem too, blogger really gives me confidence and motivation. keep up the great work!

I like the tattoo on your waist, and your pant. Would like to invite you to my website http://www.leathernxg.com, for the latest designs of Leather Skirts

You are really pretty! But self esteem isssues hit everyone and they suck, but confidence is the best accessory!

Love the Brogues and the tattoo. :)

Thank you! I had it done a few months ago :) x

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