Garfunkles and Muji

First off I want to make an apology. Most blogs right now will be giving you extensive reviews of the new collections from New York Fashion Week. At the moment my life is a bit preoccupied with life in London, and so New York has taken a back seat. HOWEVER, I am going to be reporting from London Fashion Week. In fact, my flat-mate and I are planning on going down to Somerset House and stalking models and getting some cracking street style shots.
So today Alex came to visit me in London. We went to Oxford Street for him to buy clothes and I picked up a few things. I road tested my new heels today when I collected him from Paddington. They didn't hurt at all, but were a little impractical when it came to stairs. 

Shirt from New Look. Jeans from Topshop. Necklace from New Look. Shoes vintage. We went to Garfunkles for lunch/dinner. It was amazing!
My amazing salad plate. Only £2.95!!
Hot BBQ wings. I hate BBQ sauce, but these were delicious!
I also went to Muji on Oxford Street. As you guys know I am a bit of a make up freak, and I wanted a new organizer. Now I have a lockable room, I have moved my make up out of crappy bags and into this lovely clear holder. It's not even big enough for my 'daily' stuff, so I might get another!
I also picked up a Vanilla Spiced candle. I can't burn these in my room, but they make it smell lovely anyway. I also got a pack of make-up sponges for mixing two shades of foundation. 

I have had a really great chat with one of my other house-mates today. She is from Liverpool and is doing an MA in Menswear. She is super lovely and has encouraged me to look into internships at fashion week. Life in London is pretty swell!
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