How To: Top Buns for Shorter Hair

The high/top bun style is massive this season. Tones of celebrities have been wearing it on the red carpet (Cat Deeley, Jennifer Lopez), and I think it works brilliantly as a casual or as a work wear look. It's really easy to do, but can be quite hard if-like me- you don't have hair as long as Rapunsel. So I had a go at devising a method for creating this look with shorter hair. Let's just say I must have a high pain threshold. Also, a quick note that longer hair styles have always said to wear this look tight, but I think it just looks silly on shorter hair. 
~Hair Bands, I have used two
~Bobbie Pins
~A barrel hair brush
~Hairspray, I have used Elnett

This is the look face on. All the hair is off the face, but isn't slicked back in an Essex face-lift style. The hair looks really relaxed, and can be an alternative to wearing your hair down in a boho look.
From the side. Look how tiny the bun is!
METHOD: First of all you need to take the front layers of your hair, and drag them towards the back as if you were going to french plait them. Holding the first two pieces, continue to add sections, working from the front towards the back. Once you have all the hair in place, bring it together into a pony tail and secure with a hair elastic. If small pieces fall down don't worry about them, and any larger sections can be pinned. Create volume by back-brushing the pony tail until you are satisfied with the fluffiness. Then twist the pony tail into a 'twist', then twist around the base. Secure with a hair elastic. Spray the entire head with hair spray, and secure the back and top with bobbie pins.
I hope this helped my lovely readers!
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