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When the new collections are released in September and February, I often find that although the designs change I am never seeing anything new. I know that sounds incredibly pessimistic, but in very basic terms (fabric being fabric, buttons being buttons and ribbon being ribbon) is there really a difference between a Valentino and a Galliano? Between Largerfeld and Donatella Versace? 
On Monday, I attended a fashion show at The Imperial College London. It was an exclusive event, and myself and two friends were very lucky to gain three tickets. After enjoying two glasses of champagne and some tasty nibbles, we were entertained and entranced by something that is completely new to fashion: spray on fabric. Allow me to explain; think of when you were younger, and around Halloween you would have silly string that sprayed from a can. Scientists have been building on this theory for 10 years to create spray on fabric, with the eventual outcome being liquid cotton. Designers can create an entire outfit from one spray can, rather than miles of fabric. Here are some photos so you can believe it when you see it:

This is the biggest innovation in fashion since the creation of Lycra. The product is versatile, and can be adapted to the designers needs. This combination of fashion and science has been around for an exceptionally long time. In the Victorian era, science provided fashion the ability to dye fabrics synthetically with the invention of Mauvine. Now Mendel Torris has created spray on fabric.
The 'collection', seemed incredibly up-to-date as white is a huge trend for next years SS11 collections. The dresses were very structured,yet natural seeming as they flowed down the runway. In short, the collection was calm, clean, pure and fluid. It reminded me heavily of Rodarte's collections for SS2010.
Please check this out all over the internet because it is going to be the next big thing in fashion.
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