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In this months Elle magazine (which happens to be the 25th Birthday edition) I was given a sample of the new foundation from Lancome. It's called Teint Mircale, and claims to be a 'natural light creator' and 'bare skin perfector', however when translated from French to English it actually comes out as "dyed miracle". First off before I review, this was not sent to me and matched to my skin tone, it was just a sample in the magazine. The colour is Beige Sand, and if you regularly read this blog you will know that I am generally an Ivory Rose colour.

As you can see I have used it, and these little sachets really annoy me. I know you can really put a mini bottle sample in the magazine, but these things are really messy! Okay, so I am going to trial this for three days, as I think there is enough in there for that space of time. This is my first attempt at using it:
Good Bits
No eye make-up- some scary stuff. Anyways, so surprisingly the colour doesn't look orange or WAY TOO DARK. On the initial application, I only used a similar amount to my L'Oreal True Match but it was much too much. I used my hands to rub it in, then blending using my Powder brush by Barbara Daily. This sounds insane, but it gave me this super even, super full and gorgeous coverage. Hands down, I love this product. I have never used non-drug store foundations (except Benefit something-or-other-I-can't-remember-the-name, which sucked), so this was my first designer foundation. I am really in love with the consistency and the colouring. The foundation was perfect all day, even after some crying it remained beautiful! The full size bottle is £22.50 at Debenhams or £25.00 at House Of Fraser. So when my L'Oreal runs out I think I might have to buy it...
Now, I have bragged about how awesome this product is. I have now been testing it for two days, and I hate it, for several reasons. 1) It's too dark, but that isn't the fault of Lancome. 2) The texture on my skin and the initial application is not pleasant. 3) It is next to impossible to take off. I still had remnants of it on my skin after washing and cleansing 3 TIMES. 4) It feels grainy on the skin after about 4 hours.
So sorry lovely readers, this one is down to you. For me, the cons massively outweigh the pros.
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Thanks for the review. I am probably going to skip out on this.

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