Chanel, MAC, and Barry M

Hello everyone! I went shopping -again- in Oxford today with my lovely boyfriend Alex. It may be the last time I actually shop there (until I come home in the Summer of 2011), so we took full advantage of the time we had and really browsed and planned what we wanted. Alex desperately needed to update his Fall wardrobe, as he hadn't been shopping in several months. He also needed to pick up his stationary, and bought similar things as I did from Paperchase. If you want to see what stationary I bought for starting University, you can watch my video here. I will also load a video of his purchases some time next week, as I have had several requests to quickly look over men's trends for Fall 2010, so I will do these videos on my youtube channel then link you guys in. So if my lovely female readers want the men in their lives looking tip-top,  keep your eyes peeled for those videos!

Anyways! I know that I have bought alot of make up recently, and I have been really branching into more expensive and better quality brands, but I bought some pieces today that I feel are going to last me forever, and will be super wearable. I went to MAC, Chanel and Barry M. I was lucky enough that MAC and the Chanel cosmetics counter are both in Debenhams so I can build up my beauty card points. I am hoping to purchase a MAC 213 Fluffy Brush when I have enough points, because MAC brushes are quite expensive so I would rather pay for them on points. Righty oh.. This it what I wore.
I look properly moody! It's just because the sun is in my eyes! Okay, so I borrowed the boots from my sister so I have no idea where they are from. You can pick up similar pairs nearly everywhere at the moment. Tights are by Falke. Shorts are from Primark. The tee is from Banana Republic.
Enjoying a lovely Iced Tea in CR. My bangle and necklace are from Topshop, and my ring is by Troll Beads. I wore my warm-neutral make up look that I will have a post on later this week, and I wore Barry M nail polish in Cobalt Blue. 
And this is what I bought. Be sure to look out for these in new posts.
Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil in shade 61 Noir. £16
MAC Eye Shadows. L- Shroom, R- All That Glitter's. £11 each
Barry M Nail Paint. L-306 Blueberry Ice Cream. R-115 Red Black. 2 for £5
Hope you enjoyed this post! I have written about 11 posts to be published over the next two weeks. There wont be many brand new posts for a few weeks because packing/moving/settling is going to be pretty intense. Don't forget to look out for my giveaway my lovely readers.
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thanks for following me and the commet i follow you back


That Chanel eye pencil is REALLY good, I also bought it recently and love it!!


Thanks for following! All That Glitters is a great shadow. I have yet to try Shroom, but I will have to give it a go soon! The polishes colors you got are great!


i use the "all that glitters" shadow and i love it :) nice blog btw!

check mine?: http://www.listenthenspeak.blogspot.com

Loving the nail polish shades you got - I've been wanting a good light blue nail polish forever!


sounds like a lovely time! :) bicester? i'm going to watch your video right now cos i'm so excited your going to LCF :)

Mon xx

ahhhh i love barry m mushroom :) perfect chanel particuliere dupe! and it chipped slower :)

definitely getting it now <3

Loving the blue nail polish you got !!


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