Recreating the Look: Factory Girl

This look was inspired by the Abbey Clancy shoot in LOVE magazine, for Fall/Winter 2010. I loved the super smoked look, almost as if she'd been working down a coal mine. The skin is kept relatively grainy, and plays on imperfections rather than covering them. Here's the final look!
I have desaturated the image to keep it in-keeping with the shoot. Here's how to do it!
OKay, so you will need to prep and prime your face using moisturizer and primer. I have used my L'Oreal Derma Gensis day cream, and my Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin as a primer. I also used my L'Oreal Studio Secrets resurfacing primer, just to provide an even base. Next I didn't used a liquid foundation. Instead I used Benefit Boi-ing concealer under my eyes and simply used my Pressed Powder by Cosmedix (available in Canada), as this alone gave a 'grainy' coverage, whereby you could see my freckles through the foundation. Finally I prepped my eyes with TooFaced Shadow Insurance.
The main palette I used was the Rimmel Twilight Zone trio. I also used Rimmel Moonstone eyeshadow and MAC Shroom. First I used Shroom as an all over base so that the colours would blend easier. Next I covered all the lid with the grey shade of the Rimmel trio, and also filled in the crease using my Shader Brush by No7. This gave me the separation from the brow area. This look needs to have a clean separation between the brow area and the eye lid, or else you look like you've been socked in the eye!I then began creating layers of the black shade on the lid area, starting by packing the colour on with my No7 Smudge Brush, then blending it across with the Shader Brush. 
After building up the black layers on the lid, continue the shadow underneath the eye all the way across. Keep this light as you will also be lining this area with pencil. Now move onto Rimmel Moonstone. You need to keep the brow area as highlighted as possible to keep the black lid looking clean and precise. Highlight the brow bone with the Moonstone shade, and also highlight under the black line you creating under the eye. This will not only keep the colours clean, but will also make the eye pop!
Next, using a Q-tip (or cotton bud as they are known in the UK!) dry the bottom water line. This is a tip that I found on JuicyStar07's youtube channel. I then used my Chanel Le Crayon Kohl in 61 Noir, and deeply lined the water line. After allowing the first 'layer' to dry for 10 seconds, I applied a second layer to keep the line strong. The second lip from JuicyStar07 was the then put a layer of a matching eyeshadow ON TOP of the eyeliner to keep it in place. For this I used the black shade from the Twilight Zone trio. After this, line the top lid with liquid eyeliner (I used Rimmel Exaggerated Eyeliner), and cover all your lashes with dark black mascara.
I used MAC Hue lipstick, and the GOSH 004 lipgloss. This gave a really nude look and allowed the eyes to stand out. 
So that's the look! I really hope you like it! If you would like me to do more tutorials let me know!
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Hi Eliie! I'm so sorry for this late reply. About your last comment in my blog. No no, you're wrong. You don't need to brighten up your make up, it's great all the way :D, i mean u just need to brighten up the video, so that it becomes better! :D thanks! :D

CLIFF from http://cropcripcrop.blogspot.com/

excellent result!!


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